Pirate Adventure

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Pirate Adventure

Arrr, there be pirates in these waters maties!

Legend tells us of a notorious pirate, the dastardly Captain JaBez, who stole away a chest filled to the brim with treasure! It is said his crew became jealous of the captain’s wealth and one fateful night in 1847 they stole away with his great treasures and fled to the Caney River.

However, the captain never told his crew of the curse, and as they bickered and squabbled over his ill-gotten gains, they spread the treasure over the Caney River. Now him and his crew of scallywags are doomed to hunt the banks of the Caney River in search of the lost treasures.

Locals say there are times where you can see them at night, canoeing down the Caney Fork with their pirate hats, swords and Jolly Roger flags flapping in the wind, with nothing but a tattered old treasure map and a lantern to help them see into the waters, searching for their lost treasure.

Ok mate, this is where you come in! We have a task for you, and if you complete this take you will be entrusted with safeguarding some of Captain JaBez’s treasure. We know where some of his treasure is hidden, and it is up to you to help us protect it and keep Captain JaBez and his treacherous crew off the waters of the Caney!

But beware the fishermen, as they could be the Captain or his crew in disguise! Don’t let anyone know that you know the secret of Captain JaBez’s treasure!

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