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Reservoir Information

The Caney Fork river is available year round due to water being released from the Center Hill dam, meaning the crisp and clear water is nearly constant, regardless of weather conditions!

Check out the Generation Schedule to see what the water flow will be today. Keep in mind, this is posted daily by TVA so we do not have information for any day other than what they post.

However, occasionally the dam has to release an extra level of water, which can increase the flow down river. The volume of water down river can affect canoe trips, so it’s good to keep an eye on the water level and to call ahead! If the water is flowing with 1 or more generators, your trip time can be cut in half. We encourage you to call and ask any questions if you are unsure about how the extra flow may be different than what you are used to.

Also, we post on our website when Canoe the Caney is open for canoe rental on the Caney Fork. Likewise, if we are not able to offer a canoe rental or kayak rental, we also post that as well on the homepage of our site.

The amount of water being pushed through Center Hill dam is based on the number of generators being used in the nearby Center Hill hydro-electric power plant, and hence can be adversely affected by the weather or simply by increased power usage.  The following link  to the Tennessee Valley Authority which can give you additional details on how this process works, and why it happens.

As with any canoe rental trip it’s always best to call ahead, so give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to tell you all about it and explain how it can effect your trip down the Caney Fork River!


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Current Operating Season:

Now Open Through November

Hours :

9-5 Seven Days A Week Unless Posted at the Top of Page

Driving Directions:

From Interstate 40 (I-40), take exit 273, then turn south on Hwy 56 (Smithville Hwy) toward Smithville. We are located 1 mile on your right at 17055 Smithville Hwy, Silver Point, TN 38582.